What is ARA’s Preparation Accommodation Service

Preparation Accommodation – Intake

For those people where their  treatment provider has a clear recovery pathway in place, but thinks that  to maintain their non problematic drug use they need stable housing. This type of housing support will be for the first two months and will include:

  • higher level support;
  • daily contact with service users 7 days per week;
  • staff on site daily including evenings, with on-call for emergency support;
  • service users will be expected to engage with training/ voluntary work or similar within one month of being accommodated.

ARA provides 19 units of this type of accommodation.

Preparation Accommodation

This type of accommodation is for people moving on from Preparation Intake when stabilised and engaged with working on their recovery plan with the treatment provider. Residents will be required to:

  • provide a Class A drug free sample at admission;
  • engage with a peer mentor who has experience of the treatment system;
  • take up voluntary work or training or education within one month of admission;
  • working toward recovery from their drug of choice.

ARA provides 28 units of this type of accommodation.










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